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Advantages of 64-bit hardware and software (Project Server 2007)   This articles describes the advantages of running your Microsoft Office Project Server 2007 farm on a 64-bit Windows server environment.

Migrate an existing server farm to a 64-bit environment (Project Server 2007)   This article provides instructions and recommendations for a clean, phased migration of a Office Project Server 2007 farm to servers in a 64-bit environment.

Create an installation source that includes software updates (Project Server 2007)   This article describes how to create a slipstream installation source to assist you in adding new servers to your server farm. This is required in server farm deployments, since all your Web and application servers must have the same software update version applied.

TechNet webcast: Maintenance and Monitoring (Office Project Server 2007)   TechNet webcast for Office Project Server 2007 covering maintenance and monitoring operations.

TechNet webcast: Disaster recovery (Office Project Server 2007)   TechNet webcast covering Office Project Server 2007 disaster recovery best practices.

TechNet webcast: Deployment into a SharePoint Server 2007 Intranet Farm (Office Project Server 2007)   TechNet webcast covering the deployment of Office Project Server 2007 into a Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 intranet farm.


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